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I Performed a Sex Magick Spell Today and Uhhhhhh I’m Pretty Sure I’m Now A Godbeing or at Least King of the World

I Performed a Sex Magick Spell Today and Uhhhhhh I’m Pretty Sure I’m Now A Godbeing or at Least King of the World

Yeah so, hey. Wray here.


I’ve been reading about Aleister Crowley for the past couple of days, and his life/work certainly sounds captivating. Haven’t started a true deep dive into his publishings, but I'll get around to it eventually. From what I’ve read, Crowley placed deep, deep importance in sex magick (can’t believe I’m gonna continue to use the k), and utilized it throughout his work.

Had to know what sex magick was. So, while at work, you know, not working, I put in a fair bit of research on the topic.

Crowley’s fascination with sex magick stems mainly from the secret society Ordo Templi Orientis, which he began involvement with in 1910. He immediately became fascinated with the order’s use of sex magick in higher degrees of initiation, and sought to reform his personal practice and the practices of the O.T.O more intensely around sex magic. These practices include rituals for Masturbation, Vaginal Intercourse, and Anal Intercourse.

The Idea behind sex magic is such - (Thank you, Llewellyn.com).


“Sex magic is a means to an end, a way to mobilize the amazing creative power of sexual energy to generate a desired result...When you add sexual energy, you increase the intensity of a magic spell. It’s like adding more octane to gasoline”


From the same article-


“Sexual energy is life energy. Its nature is to create. In the most rudimentary sense, the union of male and female spawns a physical child. However, every sexual act creates a "child" on the spiritual plane, regardless of whether a flesh-and-blood baby is produced on the material plane. During sex, you plant "seeds" with your thoughts into the fertile "womb" of the cosmic matrix. You impregnate the matrix with what’s known as a magical child.”


Suddenly, I realized there was NOTHING I wanted to do more than impregnate the cosmic matrix with a magical child that will carry out the mission of my desires on the spiritual plane.

Another quote to get you amped for the following explanation of an incredibly intricate and esoteric jerking of my dick- (THIS fuckin' guy)


“When two perfect halves which have equally evolved engage in an act of perfect sexual union and unify as a single entity that their sum will have exceeded that of the all which first created everything, and that they will have evolved into an even greater entity, something beyond the entirety of everything, and this evolution is the penultimate goal of all things.”


I mean, I’m reading some absurd things about sex magick. ABSURD. Figured I had to give it a shot. I was gonna jerk off anyway, after all.

Here’s what I did. Here’s what you should do too, if you want to channel the creative powers of human sexual energy into the creation of mystical children on the spiritual plane that will aide you in your pursuit of transcendence. Or, if you wanna get rich.


I don't fucking know I’m really tired of playing video games for hours a day and this actually somehow seemed like a better use of my time. So I did it.

I was first instructed to select a talisman or sigel that would be charged by the process of the ritual. I wanted something that I would be able to carry around in my pocket for the coming weeks, since I’m weirdly committed to this whole thing. I found a Vegas casino die on my dresser, and figured that it might represent good fortune.

Oh, by the way to charge it I had to smear semen all over it after I came. Either that, or drink the cum.


Easy choice.

Before any of that though, I had to wash it. Had to remove any impurities and maladies  it carried from it's last use, which happened to be the time I put the set of dice in my ass. So I rinsed it off, all the while contemplating the purifying qualities of running water and the idea of it carrying away any impurities/charging my die with fluoride.


I needed to stop for a sec and decide what exactly I was performing this ritual for- an objective. I was suppose to keep this in mind/focus on it throughout the event. Don’t think I can tell you what my objective was cause I think it works like birthday wishes in that if I tell you it'll become true for dog Wray in the dogverse, but not here in reality. You know how it is.


Next, I had to wash my body with a cleansing bath taken only by candlelight (with white candles,  how racist).  I put my 94 cent vanilla Walmart candles on the corners of my bathtub(e) and took a weird dark dip in a bathtub I didn't really fit in.


I got out and moved into my bed. I was suppose to perform the ritual under red light so I had taped two pieces of red tissue paper over the ceiling light in my bedroom.


I am trying my hardest to remember the objective. I am trying my hardest to remember what possessed me to perform this ritual. I am trying my hardest to jerk off.


The thing about the actual masturbation step is that you’re suppose to like, ride a wave. As you get closer and close to climax, you are to focus intensely on your chosen objective. Just before you are about to come, you stop. You let the wave crest. You edge. You let yourself ride the wave back down, touch other sensual parts of your body and calm your mind.


Then, it's back up. Then, back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Each time your mind begins to enter the focused state of ecstasy that compliments climax, you bring your objective to the forefront of your mind, entwining it with the inescapable immediate present of sexual satisfaction.


Listen I edged for like 25 minutes.  It gets like really unfun after 5 minutes, and really hard to focus on anything, let alone your objective. But I went like 25 minutes.

I finally blew my load, practically screaming my objective to the heavens.

I scooped up my cum and put it on the die. Rolled the die around in the cum like it was a porkchop getting breaded.

And then I rested.

When  I woke up from my slumber, I had been transported through hundreds of thousands of planes, shot through a cannon of the spirit, and emerged a being of tremendous power, a Godbeing. I have the unity of the universe coursing through my veins and infinite love emanating from every inch of my body, mind, and spirit.


Ok, so maybe not.


But I did wake up with the knowledge of all that is the material plane. I knew it was my destiny to assume the throne as King of the World and ease the suffering of all human beings through my mastery of the material world and advanced spiritual intellect.

Ok, so maybe not.


But I did wake up with a die in my pocket that I had coated in my own jizz, jizz that had taken me almost an hour to harvest in a weird esoteric process I still know very little about.

Sometimes that's what life gives you, and you gotta take it.

I take it.

More later,











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