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An Early Obituary for a Great American Hero

An Early Obituary for a Great American Hero

When Donald Trump made the journey down the escalator, many of us believed that one way or another, he was committing suicide. He has a history of questioning the narrative. Now, even those who voted for him will watch the government like hawks to see whose interests it is truly serving. True nationalism – anti elite global groups and pro world harmony - is the prevailing plebiscite perspective, and no matter what happens, people like me thank him. We no longer have to hide our 'question everything' beliefs in the shadows. Right now, we only have to speak up and be incessantly attacked to know that, for one more generation, America has been saved; no matter what happens in 2017 and beyond, Conspiracy Realists win. The trump effect has already changed America. That’s right. Conspiracy Realists.


Note: If any claims in the story are believed to be false by the reader, or lacking evidence to back them up, please email me at dnhpodcast@gmail.com and I will be happy to provide a citation. I do have them all. I have the best citations. Believe me.




Trump the truther

    This all starts – where else – on September 11, 2001. It is well known that Donald J. Trump, famed New Yorker, gave generously in the aftermath of the tragedy: facility, food, and money to armed forces, rescue personnel, police, and firefighters. Trump, however, also publicly questioned Iraq’s involvement in the attacks. I was too young to even comprehend the events at the time. By high school, however, I became more than well-versed on arms for drugs, MK ultra, disinformation, melting steel beams and many other CIA-dubbed ‘conspiracy theories.’ I was also aware that a certain Donald J Trump had appeared in front of Congress and called the United Nations corrupt, which I of course loved, and was aware enough of his statements about the Iraq war. By that time it had been enough of a disaster to turn into a full-blown anti-Republican media orgy. Either way, there was a fraternity of thinkers who suspected that he was among the ranks of celebrity truthers – joining, of all people, Rosie O’Donnell, Yaasin Bey, and Charlie Sheen (among others).

    Of course Trump has a shameless penchant for controversy and publicity, so no one outside of those who speak to him knew his true thoughts on the subject. For those of us who remembered his truthiness, one thing was certain when he came down the escalator: No republican machine would allow someone who questioned the narrative to run, and even if they did, Trump would be crushed under the weight of his own brand. The man himself, of course, had other ideas.

Puppet parties

    Any middle schooler with a rudimentary interest in federal politics and FEC filing documents can tell you one thing about American politics: It is NOT a two party system. The same shell companies who give to Democratic Senators give to Republicans; The same companies employ the same lobbying firms employed by foreign nations such as Japan; the same firms are used by multinational corporations headquartered anywhere in the world. America’s republic, for some time, has been a one party system – The Puppet Party. City politicians know that the job comes with a circa $200k ‘slush fund.’ Even Doonesbury parodied the popular government practice of giving a contract to a company who is only going to subcontract the entire job to a foreign company – and skim the profits off the top.  Any politician in power who has tried to deviate from the Federal Reserve – cut the strings – has been killed.

    So I did what every high schooler does in their first presidential election: I held my nose and voted libertarian. I was convinced Gary Johnson would get 5% in 2012. I even convinced my family, in Red-locked GA, to swing for the Johnson. He did not get 1% nationally. A few more elections like that and I, along with the majority of Americans, would just not bother going to the polls.

    Trump, by speaking of the puppeteers as puppeteers, gained the earpiece of these Americans – Big league. He got the attention of far more people than anyone realized – waking a sleeping dragon. But how he shifted the perspective of the people listening – that is how he has already changed America, no matter what happens after January 20th.

    I said earlier that I am a CIA-dubbed ‘conspiracy theorist.’ I have never been ashamed of the fact, but I never wore it on my sleeve either. The evidence of a so-called New World Order has been overwhelming for years – not a single group vying for world domination, but multiple groups of elites vying for lasting power. No, I do not think they are all Zionists. I am looking forward to emails about this.

Trump, with simple rhetoric focusing on individual actions of these groups fitting into an overall plan (“we’re not gonna have a country anymore, folks”) woke people up to the fact that foreigners – people from other parts of the world – have more of a say in Washington than any everyday American could hope to! The average American did not know that Japan has a lobby, or that Exxon, headquartered in Dubai, employs shell companies designed to donate to political campaigns around the country. Trump appealed to every American’s growing base sense that the government is corrupt and used massive confirmation bias to gain their ear. Third party documentaries such as Clinton cash, wikileaks, etc could all be presented as circumstantial evidence enough to listen to what Trump had to say. This alone, however, would not win an election, or even a primary. It would awaken nationalism in a fraction of the populace – but Trump needed to spur action – a movement – and he needed to do it fast. He knew he could do this by exposing the media for what it was: A foreign propaganda machine, controlled by the same people who he said were controlling our government. This would be the ultimate confirmation bias. And if he confirmed these fears, how people watched the government – and its motives – would be changed for a generation.

Mudslinging media to sh*t-slinging media

    Anyone paying attention (or who has read Howard Zinn) – with no fear of being labelled crazy by his peers – could also see the media’s tone shift over the last few decades. Slowing economic growth rates going unacknowledged, missing stories to the point where the most popular shows about the news were parodies of the news – but still, no news. This went unacknowledged among the plebiscite – a huge and obvious realization, waiting for a push into the mainstream.

Trump had an advantage no one realized –his global business connections, and friendships with external government contractors such as Roger Stone, led to him being leaked information about the inner working of the entire global power structure machine and its media wing. George Soros-led coup playbooks in Greece and almost Ukraine, the post Brexit (still hasn’t happened) playbook in the UK, Trump had reports on it all… and this is what led him to being able to bait and switch the media so frequently, and so fearlessly.

    “Oh, mudslinging is just part of politics.” The media, knowing this tactic worked so well, began the anti-Trump cycle normally: out of context quips with teacup spin. Soon they turned to furiously slinging anything they could possibly spin into an attack at the wall – something will stick – it always does! Trump, however, had his own plan – his Twitter. We all know how well this worked to give context to anything they tried and basis to his actions.


The Dragon’s new focus    

Now, the media has doubled down on this policy – Trump won the election, but “it was because of the Russians.” (where has that narrative gone after dec 19th, by the way?) The same mud-slinging media who ridiculed Trump for saying things were ‘rigged’ now cannot accept the results of the election. Pew Research says that only 6% of Americans trusted the MSM during election season. By doubling down, the globalist cabal has completely exposed itself as in control of the media – or so confirmation bias says! The election was the battle – waking people up to the true nature of the information era was the war. Our hero was so great that we have won both. And if (when) they kill him, it will only serve the same purpose. Trump’s Reagan redux to try and get the republican establishment on his side failing did the same thing – confirm that who he said was against him is. And now he has even managed to implicate the CIA – or wait – did they do that to themselves? Trump had their playbook, and tailored his to it.

    Now, even those who voted for him will watch the government like a hawk to see whose interests it is truly serving. True nationalism – anti elite global groups, pro world harmony, is the prevailing plebiscite perspective, and no matter what happens, people like me thank him. We no longer have to hide our question everything beliefs in the shadows. Right now, we only have to speak up and be incessantly attacked to know that, for one more generation, America has been saved, no matter what happens in 2017 and beyond. Conspiracy Realists Win.

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