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Wild Card Weekend Picks Preview Bonanza

Wild Card Weekend Picks Preview Bonanza

wild card weekend preview

SEASON: 147 - 100 - 9 (all picks from our legendary Duality and Hypocrisy Podcast)
so we had a pretty good season folks! Finished at 61.2% ATS as far as relevant weeks (2-16) are concerned and 59.5% overall ATS, a slight improvment on last year, and we rang up around a 70% success rate with out Golden Gambles, which is exceptional.

Last year we were 7 - 3 - 1 picking the playoffs ATS, but I really bet my units in the divisional and Conference Championship rounds (undefeated last year). Wild card games are fun, but less predictable as far as I'm concerned.

I would throw 1 unit on the Dackers, Giants, and Chiefs each at between 10 and 20 to 1 to win it all.


HOUSTON (-3.5, 1 unit) over Ouchland

Maybe Oakland can run the ball effectively enough to make this a close game and cover the three and a half, but donald penn's injury makes that tough. Houston's qb situation is a tiny bit better than COnnor ook, who i hated during draft season, and reggie's decision to spend a top 100 ish pick on the man is gonna come home to roost for better or worse much sooner than im sure he would have liked. Either way, look for an ugly, run heavy ballgame where a special teams play or pick six is likely. This o/u of 37 is remarkably low and the game could even come down to fumble luck. Its been said to many times this week, but the winner of this game will be executed live on national television next week. I like Houston 19 - 13


SEATTLE (-7, .5 unit) over Detroit

Detroit has not played well against good teams this year. I don't like their chances against Seattle at the Clink, even with seattle's secondary struggling so much after earl thomas' departure. Look for Seattle to maintain a balanced attack, pressure Stafford and win 25 - 17.


MIAMI (+10) over Pittsburgh (but pittsburgh wins the ballgame)

This line is too high for me to bet the Steelers. If it goes back down to a touchdown, maybe. Matt Moore is unpredictable and the Pittsburgh defense is not 'elite.' I think Miami will score some points put not necessarily keep up with the Steelers. Pittsburgh 33 Miami 24.


GIANTS (+7) over my Dackers

Everyone who listens to the Podcast knows why I'm making this pick. This will be a great matchup as far as the Giants D-line vs the Dackers O line is concerned. The x Factor in this game is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. ODB will exploit the right side of the dackers secondary, hopefully not too much but probably too much.

CHIEFS (-5) over steelers
PATRIOTS (-14) over texans
FALCONS (-4) over seahawks
DAK (-3) over dackers

CHIEFS (+5) over patriots
FALCONS (-3) over dackers

CHIEFS (+2) over dackers

Yes, the mentions of the dackers are mysterious. DUALITY AND HYPOCRISY REIGN. If you listen to the show, you will understand the mystery.


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