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The Bill Barnwell LARP Zone with Wonker Jones

The Bill Barnwell LARP Zone with Wonker Jones

Last week: Money picks 2-1 ( ATL ELIMINATOR, RAMS, Cardinals)

Overall: (6-8-1) Not ideal, but not too bad for week 1. Traditionally, week 1 is always my worst week, so i hope that keeps up. So i took a push for the Denver game, sue me.


Editors Note: No memes this week, boys and girls. The head of the memetics department here at TAKELAND decided to take the weekend off and left us high and dry in the worst kind of way. Guess that's what we get for employing a divorced father of 8 who continues to descend into hell on a semi-frequent basis to wage war (play squash) against the eternal evil Kan'theto'sah. Win some you lose some, you know? back to regularly scheduled programming. 


Cincy (-4.5) over HOU

Houston is a mess and i don’t think deshaun watson is ready for this.


KEY MATCHUP: Eifert vs not Brian Cushing


CAM (-7) over BUF

I think buffalo’s defense is not as good as some think, and that will be exposed this week

KEY: Kelvin Benjamin vs not EJ Gaines


BUCS (-6) over Bears

I am starting off this week giving too many points with home favorites. Ugh. I think the Bucs will burn the Bears deep with Desean Jackson and the bears struggle to score more than 17 points.

KEY: desean jackson vs kyle fuller


BAL(-7) over CLE

Have fun DeShone. Cleveland’s OL needs to play a lot better than last week.


TEN (-1) over JAX
You can’t win with Blake Bortles being a nonfactor every week. I think he will have to factor into this game because the titans Run D is embarassed about last week and is going to come to play sunday.


KEY: Jurell Casey vs Fournette


ARI (-8) over Indy

Yikes. Hate this line, but Carson Palmer has too many weapons not to trash this Traffic-cone secondary.


EAGLES (+4.5) over chiefs
Philadelphia’s Dline reminded everyone whats what last week, and I think they will do that again this week and lose in a close game.


MINesota(+7.5) over pittsburgh

Pitt wins in a close one


NE(-5.5) over NO($$$PICK)

NO is a traffic-cone secondary right now, and the Patriots are coming off of a loss. Book it

KEY: Gronk vs Alex Anzalone???(Prolly the safety, i just wanted to mention anzalone. Looks a little young clay matthews out there, i like it)


Raider (-14) over jets

Yikes on this line too, just after last week i guess ill take oak


MIA (+3.5) over SD
Lets see how Miami’s oline holds up



DALLAS (-1) over denver

I believe in DAK managing this game well enough to win


SKINS (-2) over rams

Go skins but cooper kupp has a big game


PACKES(+2) over falcons

Revenge game


Lions(+4.5) over giants

Giants in a close one


The Bill Barnwell LARP Zone with Wonker Jones: Week 1 Picks

The Bill Barnwell LARP Zone with Wonker Jones: Week 1 Picks